Passarge Pan
Sunday pan
Lekhubu Pan (Just wilderness campsite, have no facilities).
Letiahau (Just wilderness campsite, have no facilities).
Pipper Pan

Khutse Pan
Mahurushele pan
Molose Pan
Moreswe Pan
Khankhe Pan

A pit latrine
Shower bucket
Borehole water(which is provided at the main entrance gate (can be cold/hot). Visitors are encouraged to bring their own drinking water.

Regulations and Guidelines at campsite
Speed limit is 40 km/h
Off road driving is strictly prohibited
Do not litter
Do not harass of feed animals
Night driving is prohibited
Stay in your campsite

Vital information for camping
Do not make noise between 20:00 hrs and 06:00 hrs
A small selection of drinks and non perishable food are on sale and charged in Botswana Pula
No fences are around the stie
Wild animlas can enter the campgrounds, be alert
No fuel on sale
No electricity, telephone or inerent is available
No Automated Teller Machine(ATM) or credit card facilities are available
No noise at all between 20:00 hrs and 06:00 hrs

Sun/Safari hat
Sun screen
Camping equipment

Sometimes it is a hassle to travel with a lot of luggage, therefore we have got camping equipments which can be used or rented for those who do not have their own.

There are two types in Mobile Safari; it can be a participatory or a non- participatory tour. Normally we encourage group of 4 people or more, if there are two people and they really want to travel, special arrangements s can be made for them.

Bigfoot manages and operates 41 campsites in Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and Khutse Game reserve.

All these campsites are maintained and managed by Bigfoot Tours. They are kept clean and neat at all times. Each campsite can take upto 6 people with a maximum of 3 vehicles.

Semi-Permanent Tents (Luxury or premier) Safari

This is the highest level of tents/camps with a portfolio   that comprises most elegant and stylised accommodation.These tents combine luxury, superbly designed architecture with the warm comforts of home and personal service.

Each Premier/Luxury tents has its own individual style, as well as additional features such as salas for a soothing midday siesta. Each tent or bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, often with an outdoor shower ‘under the stars.

We operate fully serviced mobile safaris in secluded bush campsites. A safari crew travels in separate vehicles to prepare the camp prior to the guest arrival .

This is one of the finest safaris to Botswana that offers a unique experience all year round. You will travel in small groups of 4 above people with the same guide throughout. If you want to experience the true meaning of living in the bush; then this is the safari for you.